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Activities Out of Water

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17 Oct

Activities Out of Water

Not everything in Punta Cana is the sea, this destination also promotes sports, and cultural and entertainment activities out of water. Golf courses, museums and other destinations are available in the region of Altagracia, to which Punta Cana belongs.


Celebrities like Nick Faldo, Alberto Sola, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Fazio visited the various golf courses in the area of Punta Cana, because, despite being a small area, it has extraordinary fields dedicated to this sport .It is possible to play golf at La Cana Golf Club, Punta Espada Golf Club, Cabeza de Toro, Catalonia Caribe Golf Club, among several other resorts.

Cultural activities

The history of Punta Cana is also worth knowing, and there are several points to learn more about it. Altos de Chavon is a replica of a seventeenth century Mediterranean village. It was built in La Romana, just 110 km away from Punta Cana, during the 1970s. Here you can view the National Archaeological Museum as well as art galleries, craft workshops, restaurants, and bars.

El Museo Vivo del Tabaco is another must-see place located in the city of Higuey, just minutes away from Punta Cana. Dominican Republic, like Cuba, is a world leader in the production of high quality cigars. This destination is a favorite of many tobacco lovers and it is ideal for taking souvenirs home.


Samana Bay, during the months of December and April, is one of the favorite destinations for excursions due to the visit of humpback whales. Here you can also visit the jungle on motorcycles or jeeps, as well as horseback riding tours.

Saona Island is another major tourist spot because of its natural pools. The Eastern National Park in this island houses hundreds of animals in the region, to reach it is necessary to travel by catamaran, but the trip is completely worth it.

As you see, Punta Cana has more than just beaches to explore during your visit to this beautiful region. For lovers of card games and gambling, you can also visit different casinos available in the area. How do you like our suggestions?

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