The Special – LM by Inmense

The Special

LM by Inmense


LM by Inmense has specially equipped open spaces so that guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful view and the blue sky. The garden welcomes you upon your arrival, so you can also rest in the fresh and read a book listening to the water fall in the central patio with fountain or sunbathing and take a placid nap on a beach bed or hammock facing the sea.


Our Hotel also has a natural swimming pool that feeds on sea water, it is a circular cove that captures the entrance of water directly from the ocean to one side of the pool, ideal to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with children or as a couple . Enjoy the cool sea temperature on a sunny day and spend unforgettable moments in the company of your loved ones.


LM by Inmense offers its guests the opportunity to experience an incredible adventure aboard their catamaran, a light boat propelled by sail or motor, that will take you to the surroundings and the incredible underwater beauty that exists in the Mexican Caribbean, discover corals , fish of all colors, marine stars, manta rays and much more under the crystal clear water of Puerto Aventuras.


Puerto Aventuras is a paradise for lovers of flora and fauna, and has an extensive variety of endemic species of birds such as pelicans, frigate, hairy heron, black hawk, striped owl, Yucateca calandria, Red guacamaya, green parrot, mountain turkey and pheasant. Visit some of the many nature reserves to see spider monkeys, whitetail deer and temazates, as well as collared wild boar and marsh crocodiles, it is also very common to see large iguanas basking in the sun at midday on the rocks.

Immerse yourself in the transparent waters of the coast where you can see Stingrays and giant turtles in the shallows or get to know the friendly tepescuintles, squirrels and wild sereques who like to follow the tourists to get some fruit or seeds.

El horario de recepción es de 8am a 4pm, si requiere asistencia por favor contáctenos al 984-259-0382.

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